8Ds of Problem Solving

8D - CSense

What is 8D Problem Solving? 8D problems solving is one of the basic and effective problem-solving tools. Here, the Ds refer to 8 disciplines - the 8 steps of managing a problem and preventing its recurrence. 8 Steps of Problem Solving History During the 1980s, the Ford Motors was under the crisis - unable to cope up with the competition from the Japanese automobile companies. They requested Dr. Deming to support them to bring the company back to its effective...

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Design of Experiments (DoE)

Design Of Experiments (DoE) Training using Minitab The Design of Experiments (DoE) is a statistical way of establishing the mathematical relationship between outcome and factors affecting the outcome. It helps us in arriving at a minimum required trials and sequence of conducting those trials – considering bias and disturbances of conditions, establishing the relationship with mathematical accuracy. With this two-day program, participants learn about basics statistics for decision making, constructing unbiased and failure-proof experimental design, Analyse response and optimise parameters...

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Statistics for Big Data & Analytics

Statistics Big Data & Analytics

Statistics for Big Data & Analytics CSense Statistics for Big Data & Analytics is designed for experts venturing into Data Science - Big Data and Data Analytics, helping them to have a strong foundation with statistics. Data scientists say that every second we are creating close to 1 megabyte of data per capita, and the volume of data is growing than ever before. In line with the availability of data, studies on collecting the data, processing them, analysing and interpreting...

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Data Analysis – Minitab Training

Minitab Data Analysis - Control Chart

Minitab Training will help you understand statistics and data analysis and give you hands-on Minitab Software. This program covers basic statisitical theories and tools along with Minitab tools and application. The Minitab Data Analysis program is structured on Six Sigma's DMAIC framework. What is Minitab? Minitab is a software package that helps us in the analysis of data. It is also extensively used by Six Sigma Experts a is an important part of studying data, particularly in the Measure and Analyse...

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LSS Green Belt

CSense - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification What is Lean Six Sigma? One of the most Powerful business transformation tools used all over the world across every industrial sector for past tow decades. It is becoming a must-be in many companies in developed countries and in MNCs in India, gaining momentum among many Indian corporate houses in the past decade. Automobile, Electronics, and Banking have already ventured into LSS – improving the quality of our lives and Telecom, medicine, engineering, BPO and...

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training Content Introduction to Lean Six Sigma What is Lean Six Sigma? Evolution of Lean, Six Sigma and other Quality Management Methodologies Why is Lean Six Sigma so effective? Structure of Lean Six Sigma Exposure, Complexity, Roles and Expectations from Yellow Belt Green Belt Black Belt Master Black Belt Champion 7 Wastes of Lean Is Lean all about elimination of waste? How can you identify waste in your own process? Taiichi Ohno's Check List...

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SMED Training

CSense - SMED

SMED One day program [caption id="attachment_679" align="aligncenter" width="824"] SMED - the basis of TPS[/caption] What is SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)? Setup time is one of the major losses in a manufacturing unit. Normally, a change over may consume few hour every day. On the lower side, if our one change-over takes one hour, we straight away lose 5% of the shift time. So, usually, production managers will try to avoid the changeovers as much as possible. One of...

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Poka-Yoke Workshop

CSense - Poka-Yoke Training

Poka-yoke One day program What is Poka-Yoke? Poka-Yoke is a Japanese term meaning Mistake-proofing. Developed by Shigeo Shingo at Toyota Motors in Japan. This protects the process from the mistakes. The concept is to prevent mistake becoming defects and reaching customers - by building detection mechanisms within the processes. Need for Poka-Yoke In today’s world Quality is the only distinction between existence and extinction of a business. The Product Quality is no longer an advantage. Customers expect the highest quality, always...

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5S Training & Workshop

Productivity Improvement through 5S 5S training & Workshop is designed to cater the needs of every level of staff in an organisation on keeping the workspace safe, pleasant and productive. It is not all about housekeeping and cleaning. But it is the simplest productivity improvement methodology. It can be successfully implemented by everyone, every day, everywhere - at every size of the organisation, whether it is a manufacturing, tool room, bank counter, restaurant, hospital, medical shop, IT  company or be...

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Kaizen Workshop

CSense Kaizen Workshop

KAIZEN WORKSHOP Culture Building Engagement The Philosophy Kaizen – meaning change towards betterment, in essence, gradual improvement.  The belief is that major improvements are possible through small and incremental changes. Unlike other improvement-events, these workshops are known for small and gradual changes leading to breakthrough results. The Culture Developing an organisational culture based on 3 principles, viz., Process Approach: What is happening (effect) is the outcome of processes (cause), System Thinking: Seeing the bigger picture and understanding everything as part of a...

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