Six Sigma Pizza – Pie 27

Six Sigma Pizza - Pie 27

So far... We have started analysing the causes of the inferior performance of Ben's Pizza outlet in our story. We translated the business pain - customers don't like the pizzas' into multiple Six Sigma projects. 'Temperature of pizza at the time of service' is one such project. In the earlier chapter, we covered the use of FMEA for listing out all potential causes. We will see the application of Fishbone analysis in this chapter. Now Ben, Anand, and I had...

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Statistical Data Analysis

ONLINE CERTIFICATION TRAINING Learn from the Experts! Minitab Batch: July 31 & Aug 1 - 6 pm to 9.30 pm Excel Batch: Aug 1 & 2 - 9.30 am 1.00 pm Basics of Data Analysis This program covers the basics of Data Analysis. Don't worry about your current proficiency. Green Belt Tools It will help you perform all the statistical analysis required for a Six Sigma Green Belt Project. Minitab / Excel Choose between Minitab or MS Excel -  Two...

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SPC – Statistical Process Control – புள்ளியியல் செயல்முறைக் கட்டுப்பாடு

நாம் முன்பு விவாதித்தபடி, டெய்லரின் நேரம் மற்றும் இயக்கக் கணக்கீடு முறை மற்றும் ஃபோர்டின் சிந்தனையாளர்கள் மற்றும் செய்பவர்கள் என்ற பாகுபாடும் பிரபலமாகி உலகெங்கும் பரவலாக ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளப்பட்டன என்பதை முந்தைய சில அத்தியாயங்களில் பார்த்தோம். இந்த அத்தியாயத்தில் SPC என்றழைக்கப்படும் புள்ளியியல் சார்ந்த தரக்கட்டுப்பாட்டு முறையின் தோற்றத்தையும், SPC யின் அடிப்படையையும் பற்றி விவாதிப்போம். உற்பத்தித் திறன் பெருக்கம் ஃபோர்டின் வேலைப் பிரிவுக் கோட்பாடுகளின் அடுத்த கட்டமாக, பணித் துறைகள் (departments / divisions) நடைமுறைக்கு வந்தன. நாட்கள்செல்லச் செல்ல, ஒவ்வொரு துறையும் அதற்கு ஒதுக்கப்பட்ட பணிகளை முடிப்பதிலேயே கவனம் செலுத்த ஆரம்பித்தன. திறமையான பணியாளர்கள் ஃபோர்மேன் / சூப்பர்வைசர்களாக நியமிக்கப்பட்டனர். ஒவ்வொரு கட்டத்திலும் தயாரிப்புகளை ஆய்வு செய்யும் பணி திறமையான மற்றும்...

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Six Sigma Pizza – Pie 9

Six Sigma Pizza - Pie 9

So far... In the journey of understanding the modus operandi of Six Sigma in business, we are discussing an imaginary company, the Homeparty Pizzas, run by my imaginary friend Ben. We discussed the problems of business - top line & bottom line problems, prioritisation of problem areas using Kano Model, application of #Pareto charts for problem analysis and scoping of projects using Project Charter. We discussed the components of project charter viz., objectives, business case and problem statement. Now.. We...

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Six Sigma Pizza – Pie 10

Six Sigma Pizza - Pie 10

So far... In the story of my imaginary friend Ben and his pizza outlet, we started applying Six Sigma methodology aimed at solving his problem of dwindling customer base and eroding margins. In our problem-solving journey, we understood little about making delicious pizzas but discussed the Define Phase, in depth. We covered the project selection - different routes of top line and bottom line problems, prioritising the customer requirements with affinity analysis and Kano model in case of top line...

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Six Sigma Pizza – Pie 1

Six Sigma Pizza A fresh thought was brewing in my mind as I was working on the previous series of articles on the origin of operational excellence practices. The thought came from the responses and interaction based on those articles. Many wanted to see the implementation of Six Sigma methodology in solving the business problems in the form of a story - seamlessly connecting the tools and techniques. Attempting to meet the expectation. Click here to read the full article

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Lead Time

What is Lead Time? Lead time is the time required to complete the set of processes - from start to finish. There are 3 types of such measures in Business Process. Order LT The time required to complete the order - from order receipt to product/service delivery to the consumer. Processing LT The time required to convert the Raw Material into Finished Product (or Production LT) or The time required to convert input information into output information (Service Production LT)...

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Data Analysis – Minitab Training

Minitab Data Analysis - Control Chart

Minitab Training will help you understand statistics and data analysis and give you hands-on Minitab Software. This program covers basic statisitical theories and tools along with Minitab tools and application. The Minitab Data Analysis program is structured on Six Sigma's DMAIC framework. What is Minitab? Minitab is a software package that helps us in the analysis of data. It is also extensively used by Six Sigma Experts a is an important part of studying data, particularly in the Measure and Analyse...

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LSS Green Belt

CSense - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification What is Lean Six Sigma? One of the most Powerful business transformation tools used all over the world across every industrial sector for past tow decades. It is becoming a must-be in many companies in developed countries and in MNCs in India, gaining momentum among many Indian corporate houses in the past decade. Automobile, Electronics, and Banking have already ventured into LSS – improving the quality of our lives and Telecom, medicine, engineering, BPO and...

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training Content Introduction to Lean Six Sigma What is Lean Six Sigma? Evolution of Lean, Six Sigma and other Quality Management Methodologies Why is Lean Six Sigma so effective? Structure of Lean Six Sigma Exposure, Complexity, Roles and Expectations from Yellow Belt Green Belt Black Belt Master Black Belt Champion 7 Wastes of Lean Is Lean all about elimination of waste? How can you identify waste in your own process? Taiichi Ohno's Check List...

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