Systematic Problem-Solving

Systematic Problem Solving

What is Problem-solving? Before we understand problem-solving, let us first calibrate ourselves on 'what is called a problem?' A Problem When there is a gap between our expectations and reality, we feel unhappy – which is a Problem. This is how a deviation from the specification, a failure to meet timelines, etc., become our problems. A problem could be defined as “the gap between our expectations and actual state or observation”. From the gap analogy, we also understand that as...

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8Ds of Problem Solving

8D - CSense

What is 8D Problem Solving? 8D problems solving is one of the basic and effective problem-solving tools. Here, the Ds refer to 8 disciplines - the 8 steps of managing a problem and preventing its recurrence. 8 Steps of Problem Solving History During the 1980s, the Ford Motors was under the crisis - unable to cope up with the competition from the Japanese automobile companies. They requested Dr. Deming to support them to bring the company back to its effective...

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