LSS Green Belt

CSense - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification What is Lean Six Sigma? One of the most Powerful business transformation tools used all over the world across every industrial sector for past tow decades. It is becoming a must-be in many companies in developed countries and in MNCs in India, gaining momentum among many Indian corporate houses in the past decade. Automobile, Electronics, and Banking have already ventured into LSS – improving the quality of our lives and Telecom, medicine, engineering, BPO and...

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training Content Introduction to Lean Six Sigma What is Lean Six Sigma? Evolution of Lean, Six Sigma and other Quality Management Methodologies Why is Lean Six Sigma so effective? Structure of Lean Six Sigma Exposure, Complexity, Roles and Expectations from Yellow Belt Green Belt Black Belt Master Black Belt Champion 7 Wastes of Lean Is Lean all about elimination of waste? How can you identify waste in your own process? Taiichi Ohno's Check List...

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Lean VSM Training

CSense - Lean VSM

Lean Training with Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Lean Training with VSM is designed for people who are interested in learning the Lean Transformation using VSM. Value Stream Mapping – the mapping of Material and Information Flow – as it is known in Toyota is the fundamental tool of Lean Transformation. It helps us in mapping flow of information and material in a single process map. Lean is a strategic tool that has to be adapted and applied by the Top...

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