Data Analysis – Minitab Training

Minitab Data Analysis - Control Chart

Minitab Training will help you understand statistics and data analysis and give you hands-on Minitab Software. This program covers basic statisitical theories and tools along with Minitab tools and application. The Minitab Data Analysis program is structured on Six Sigma's DMAIC framework. What is Minitab? Minitab is a software package that helps us in the analysis of data. It is also extensively used by Six Sigma Experts a is an important part of studying data, particularly in the Measure and Analyse...

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Training Content Introduction to Lean Six Sigma What is Lean Six Sigma? Evolution of Lean, Six Sigma and other Quality Management Methodologies Why is Lean Six Sigma so effective? Structure of Lean Six Sigma Exposure, Complexity, Roles and Expectations from Yellow Belt Green Belt Black Belt Master Black Belt Champion 7 Wastes of Lean Is Lean all about elimination of waste? How can you identify waste in your own process? Taiichi Ohno's Check List...

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