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Why 121 Consulting Program?

As an entrepreneur, can you take up the challenge of 30% year on year growth consistently?

Do you want to achieve and relish such a growth rate that too with a sustainable system?

If your answer is YES, then, together we can.

We help you to connect the dots and fill the missing links.

Connecting the dots and filling the blanks

Most of the small businesses remain small for long. But why? Not because of intentions and not because of ignorance. But it is because of missing connections.

An entrepreneur loses

  • The connection to the purpose and his dreams (vision)
  • The connection with the customers and the worth of his business
  • The track of his growth path
  • The connection between his dreams and the day-to-day actions
  • The connection with his managers and subordinates.

121 Consulting Shots

With the proven record of accomplishment of delivering consistent business growth to small businesses that are aiming to become corporate houses, CSense support comes handy to you –

Stage 1 – Assessment & Engagement

1. Organisation Health Assessment

You will come to know your organisation’s health across various parameters – providing you a 360-degree view of your business.

2. Focus Area Prioritisation

Will help you in identifying priority factors that you need to focus in the coming year.

Remember – Improving everything at a time is equal to improving nothing.

3. Road map

Will get a complete road map of engagement and business plan for next 2 to 3 years.

Stage 2

1. Crystal Clear Vision and SMARTEX Goals

I call the perfect mix of mind power, manpower, machine power and money power organised in a form of legal entity as an organisation. So, an organisation exists to fulfil the vision of its founders and it continuously strives to fulfil the visions of its leaders.

Reinventing the vision helps the organisation to look at the business with a new point of view.  The new vision becomes reference point for the business owners and the managers for effective decision making.

The vision will remain unchanged over a long period of time. But, it will not be stagnant. So, we can say that it keeps changing with a change in customer requirements in the long term.

CSense - Online Consulting Support - What is Vision?

Only what you visualise will materialise!

2. Redefine Unique Value Proposition and Business Model

Mammoth companies become irrelevant overnight in these days. Many iconic brands vanish in months. The reason is they unknowingly distanced themselves from the customers.

On the other hand, there are start-ups and small businesses, which become super hit and grow into unicorns within few years. The reason being the closeness of their solutions to the customers’ problems.

We may unearth such a goldmine in your business by questioning the business model with introspection.

3. Growth Strategies

Derive strategies – that are dynamic, experimented and result oriented. Do you know there are six natural stages of business growth and strategies at each stage has to be different?

In the same way, an organisation must adapt to its market, position its products, price it appropriately, produce it cost effectively and supply it timely. For everything, there is a strategy.

To succeed, the organisation must make these strategies as its central organisational agenda. Everything must revolve around these strategies. At the same time, these strategies must be balanced between the present cashflow and the future cashflow.

Thirdly, these strategies must be implemented, adopted, and followed across the organisation.

4. Organisational Model

Set up functional and structured organisational model. I believe at least these 7 departments are to be there in an organisation for its continued growth. I call these as pillars of organisation.

CSense - Online Consulting Support - How many departments required?

5. KPIs and Dashboards

Things you monitor, will grow! Things you appreciate grow well!

An old survey by E&Y among 200+ key managers proves that the ability to execute a strategy was more important than the quality of the strategy itself.

Set up systems to drive your growth on a day-to-day basis.

And more benefits

1. Also, on Online

So, you can choose your day and time of interactions as per your convenience. No burden of arranging travel for consultants.

2. Hand-holding Support

Many times, SMEs fail despite the Top Management’s good intentions. This is because we struggle to make things happen. This, in turn, is a weakness of the organisation that we do not have the luxury of a strong second line of leaders.

With this in mind, we support the organisation with close hand-holding support. We participate in the brainstorming sessions and motivate teams to participate in problem-solving. Partnering with the Top management, we closely monitor the progress of actions at regular intervals and provide inputs to the team. We set out action plans and a clear roadmap for the steps.

The hand-holding support spans from reviews, off site brainstorming, discussions, con-calls with the teams, action plan follow up, feedback, course correction and corrective actions.

3. Resource Materials

With clear Preparatory steps, get clarity over the agenda, objectives, and outcome of the meeting. CSense documentation support and follow up support will keep you updated with the status of projects.

An entire gamut of templates, formats, checklist, and guidelines and much more resources and study materials are provided for your offline work.

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