Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Consulting Training Implementation

Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Consulting Training Implementation

We are the renowned Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Consulting and Training Company based in Mumbai, India.

We partner with clients to improve their profits, profitability and prosperity through Process Improvement using Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen Philosophies.

Organisations can achieve Prosperity and Perpetuity only by solving business problems. And problems of business are associated not with new technology, innovation or disruption; but with Management of business. That is why we named CSense as Management Solutions.

Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Consulting


We help clients with our Diagnosis Support to retrospect themselves with relevant information using data analysis, process mapping, Gemba walk, employee surveys, discussions, etc. This will reveal the business pain areas, profit leak areas, prone to future areas, associated business risk and performance against industry benchmarks. Also, this forms the first step of CSense 5 Step Consulting Approach.

Once we unearth the business pains, the natural progression is to fix them. Hence, we support in leveraging vital few pains by identifying the right projects and identifying the right teams to own those projects.

Tools come second to business. We arrive at a set of appropriate tools and methodologies from our toolkit based on client’s business needs. May it be Lean, Six Sigma, DMAIC, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Kaizen, 5S, ISO, TPM, etc.

Training & Workshops

We cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking with which we created it!

– Einstein

CSense believes that people solve problems. Therefore, we provide World-class Training and workshop to the clients’ teams. This helps with Elevating people’s thinking. Training will consist of choosing the right methodology, along with problem-solving skills, project management, organisational dynamics empowering project teams to steer through varying business challenges.


After identifying pain areas (where), identifying projects (what), teams (who), and drafting an appropriate methodology (how) with a clear project management plan (when), comes ACTION. So, we have a Practical Project Management structure with proactive risk management; and this is a major cause for our success rate.


More than improvement spikes, the sustainability of improvements is our focus. So, we provide irreversible sustenance measures with, incorporating changes in strategy, policy, Key Performance Indicators, work procedures, etc.,

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