Design of Experiments (DoE)

Design Of Experiments (DoE) Training using Minitab

The Design of Experiments (DoE) is a statistical way of establishing the mathematical relationship between outcome and factors affecting the outcome. It helps us in arriving at a minimum required trials and sequence of conducting those trials – considering bias and disturbances of conditions, establishing the relationship with mathematical accuracy.

DoE - CSense

With this two-day program, participants learn about basics statistics for decision making, constructing unbiased and failure-proof experimental design, Analyse response and optimise parameters with hands-on Minitab 17 software.

Course Contents

  • Introduction

  • Basic Statistics

    • Measure of Central Tendency & Dispersion
    • Descriptive & Inferential Statistics
  • Analysis through Historical Data

    • Cause and Effect Diagram
    • Testing of Hypothesis
    • Regression & Correlation
  • Basics

    • Traditional Design Experiment approach
    • Introduction
    • Terminologies
  • Stages of Design of Experiments

  • Full Factorial Design Creating a Design

    • Replication & Randomization
  • Conducting Experiments and collecting Data
  • Analyse the Response
  • Steps in Data Analysis
  • Effects Plot
    • Main Effects Plot
    • Interpreting Interaction Plots
  • Significant Effects

  • Dropping Terms From Prediction Equation

  • Drawing Conclusions

  • Final Prediction Equation

  • Coefficients

  • Fractional Factorial Design

    • Half Fractional Factorial
    • Sparsity of effects
    • Confounding
  • Resolution

  • Tips for Effective DoE


Minitab is a software package that helps us in the analysis of data including DoE. It is also extensively used by Experts as an important part of studying data, providing quick, effective solutions for the level of analysis. It comes handy in designing (constructing) the experiment sequence, analysing the results to find transfer function (the equation) and to optimise the solution. Let’s understand how to effectively conduct DoE using Minitab.

Target Audience

  • This Training will be of great use for senior management people, who want to understand the use and effectiveness of DoE for their processes.
  • Managers, Executives from Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance who are working on optimising their processes.
  • Team Leaders, scientists from Design, Research and Development,
  • Scientists and students utilising DoE for their research and thesis.
  • Industries – All segments of Manufacturing namely, pharma, engineering, chemicals, food processing, FMCG, medical devices, auto components, etc.