About Us

CSense Belief

CSense believes every person, process, and business can be improved in the journey from where they are to where they want to be.

We also believe Profit and Perpetuity are the essential obligations of any organisation. And we can achieve both by attending to customer needs with visionary strategy, establishing processes that constantly corrects and improves themselves and inspiring people to apply their thoughts at every instance of business.

Our Vision

Through our consulting, we improve Quality of Life of society by adding value to businesses and inspiring people to believe Wisdom isn’t alien.

What do we do?

We partner with organisations in maximising profits and attaining perpetuity through improving their strategies, people, processes, and workspace.

We help businesses to improve their bottom line by 1% every year without capital expenses and ensure at least 5 times RoI for our engagement.

Our Objective

To Contribute Rs. 100 Cr ($15 Mn) to the wealth of humanity while improving 1000 lives through People Elevation programs during 2021-22 (during that one year).

Who we are?

Incorporated as a Private Limited Company in Feb 2016, in Mumbai, India, we are a team of passionate and curious minds. With vast exposure in various industries and the proven expertise of our associates in their fields, CSense covers the entire spectrum of today’s business. 

CSense Commitment

In Consulting Engagement

Our Commitment is to deliver

www.CSensems.com - Our Commitment

50X Potential with our Diagnosis

With $3000 (2 Lac INR) of investment, we will identify $150,000 (1 Cr INR) of Cost-Saving Potential per annum in your Organisation.

5X ROI in your Books

With $15,000  (10 Lac INR) of investment, we will support you to Enhance your Profits by $75,000 (50 Lac INR) in the same/subsequent Financial Year – which will reflect in your books.

Leadership Development

With CSense’ unique approach to Elevate People, High Impact Leaders and Inspired Teams are developed and nurtured along the way. In a sense, Profit becomes a byproduct of People Elevation.

In Training Engagement

The effectiveness of People Elevation

We use statistical tools to measure the quantum of knowledge acquired by people. This will help to validate your investment made in training engagement.

Training sessions include – Learning by

  • Listening – Interactive classroom session
  • Teaching – Trainee becomes a trainer for select sessions as a part of the evaluation.
  • Playing – Concepts will be absorbed by participants well by playing the game of concepts.
  • Doing – Going to Gemba and Observe with their own eyes.

About the Director – LS Kannan

Company Details

CSense Management Solutions

CSense Management Solutions Private Limited

CIN No: U74900MH2016PTC272648




Registered Address: #102, A Wing, Suryakiran CHS, Near HDFC Bank, Chamunda Circle, SVP Road, Borivali West, Mumbai – 400092

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