What is Muda?

Muda Muda is a Japanese word meaning Waste. So, any activity that consumes time and effort and fails to produce the desired outcome is termed as Waste. In a production plant, people transport materials from one place to another for storage of for next processing. The activity of transporting consumes their time and effort. But the material does not get any value addition because of the mere transportation. Hence, transportation is termed as waste. Origin Muda is one of the fundamental...

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Takt Time

Takt Time - Conductors Wand

What is Takt Time? Takt time is the time given by the client to the manufacturer to pull out one piece of finished material from the plant. In other words, it is the time (frequency) at which the manufacturing plant to complete one unit of its product. We can also describe it as the demanded exit rate of a plant. How to Calculate Takt time? Calculate monthly average demand for the product/product family (we can calculate takt time for a...

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Cycle Time

What is Cycle Time

What is Cycle Time? Cycle Time is the time required by an operation or by a machine to complete the processing of one component. How to calculate Cycle Time? Start your stopwatch when a completed component comes out of a machine (or a person completes working on a component). Stop your timer when the next (consecutive) piece comes out of the machine (or a person completes working on the next component) Repeat this for 5 or more times and calculate...

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