Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Refresh your memory and learn something new from CSense LSS Yellow Belt Training. I am planning to conduct a series of courses completely free for everyone. To start with we will work on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt program. What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is the most effective methodology used across the world by companies of all sectors and is providing millions and millions of dollars as cost-saving and a multi-fold increase in business growth. Who are...

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Online Module on Efficient Production Management with CII

CSense - CII Efficient Production Management

Background Companies that have successfully empowered their Managers have benefitted through flexibility and productivity and have generated strong financial returns for the company. It is therefore essential that Managers have knowledge of critical parameters of Cost, Quality, Productivity and Safety. They must have a good understanding of how it all works and how it all should work. It is in this quest that the CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence has designed this online module on “Efficient Production Management.”...

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