Business Champions Program

CSense Business Champions Program - Objective

Revolutionary Online & In-person Hybrid Consulting தமிழில் Objectives of Learning 1. Giving shape to the dreams PurposePrioritiesVisionLong Term Goals1 year Target 2. Finding Joy in Business JoyQCompany behaviourWeak spots and countermeasuresPriorities and balancing work-life 3. Organising the Organisation 7 Pillars & Wheel of BusinessOrganisation StructureKRAs and KPIsProcesses and Procedures  4. Natural stages of business Identify your current stagePitfalls and precautionsRight priorities  5. Reinventing business model Redefine Business and Business ModelCustomer Centric Business ModelBusiness Model CanvasIdentify customer SegmentDefine Value PropositionPrioritisation & FocusBusiness Environment Analysis10 Strategic FactorsSWOT...

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Small Business Owner’s Approach to Business Plan

CSense Kutti Story on business plan

Again going rounds to Chapters of Young Entrepreneur School with the 'Kutti Story on Business Plan'. Takeaways - Simple and practical approach to business plan - Why do our business plans fail to deliver results?Is your Organisation designed to Grow?How to plan and achieve revenue targets?How to find and allocate funds, time and other resources towards your target? Prepare yourself and your company for the new and challenging Financial Year Ahead! Click here to know, how well is your organisation...

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Kutti Story On Business Plan

CSense Seminar on Business Plan

Evening seminar On Business Plan for Small Business! There are huge piles of information available on Business Plan for Startup! Most of them are on a template-based approach. But we hardly find sufficient support for Entrepreneurs who are running a small business on devising their business plan. Looking ahead to the new Financial Year, with an all-new set of challenges and opportunities, Let us discuss a practical approach to your business plan. Key Take Aways - Simple steps for effective...

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5S Online Training Progam

5S Online Training

With CII Centre for Manufacturing Excellence, Mumbai. Online Workshop on 5S and Shopfloor Productivity 9 - 10 February 2021 - 3.00 - 6.00 p.m. To accomplish the Missions of building India as a manufacturing hub of the globe, manufacturing companies have to rapidly improve their Operational effectiveness and efficiency. Keeping this in mind, CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence has scheduled the captioned online programme. Details of the programme are as given below Context 5S is the secret of...

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Know Your Personality & Grow Your Business – Ramanathapuram YES Meeting

Its been a while meeting the YES Members of Ramanathapuram. I had been there for an evening seminar on 'Profitability thru Productivity' and discussed the Leadership Productivity and Roles of a Leader in an Organisation. It was in November 2017. Extraordinary Entrepreneurs with down to earth humility. Looking forward meeting again!

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Know Your Personality and Grow Your Business – Hosur YES Chapter

It gave me an immense pleasure to address gathering of Young Entrepreneurs of Hosur, YES Chapter. Felt confident in seeing entrepreneurs leading the social change and moving ahead with sufficient caution and protection. Yes, we gathered to meet and interact face to face. This is the fourth meeting after the Opening Up. Enjoyed intense discussions on Leadership Productivity, Wheel of Business and Entrepreneur's Personality traits. Leadership Productivity What are the roles of a Leader in an Organisation? What is the...

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Know Your Personality & Grow Your Business – YES Vellore

Workshop for Entrepreneurs organised by Young Entrepreneurs School (YES), Vellore Chapter. On 19th Jan 2021. It was a wonderful session, back in my home district. The year started with 'Coming back home' events for me both in professional and personal fronts. The program was well organised by YES Vellore Chapter President, Mr Yogesh, Woodlux Furnishing. We discussed the concept of 'Joyous Entrepreneur' - how an entrepreneur's mindset can affect his organisation, how to identify the joyous quadrant of an entrepreneur...

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Systematic Problem Solving – Online Training with CII, Mumbai

CSense Systematic Problem Solving

22nd Jan 2021, from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm IST. This workshop is designed to cater the needs of leaders and managers who are interested in solving the recurring problems and want to bring in the culture and team-based approach of systematic problem solving to every level of people in the organisation. The course covers important problem-solving tools like problem definition, interim action, root cause analysis with QC tools, root cause validation using statistical tools, corrective action, escape points, poka-yoke...

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5S Initiative at Star Boxes India, Chennai

Finding words to express my feelings for more than a week now. I felt going back home! Yes, was part of a social movement called 'Payirchi Pattarai' (literally meaning Workshop for Training) at Star Boxes India Pvt Ltd, where I worked as Head of QA just before embarking my consulting journey.I was chosen as one of the consultants in the movement. I would help to build a culture of 5S in the organisation. I liked the initiative's noble objective -...

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Refresh your memory and learn something new from CSense LSS Yellow Belt Training. I am planning to conduct a series of courses completely free for everyone. To start with we will work on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt program. What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is the most effective methodology used across the world by companies of all sectors and is providing millions and millions of dollars as cost-saving and a multi-fold increase in business growth. Who are...

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