SME Consulting

SME Consulting Support

Unique Problems of SMEs

  • Need to increase the profitability but lacking funds
  • Not having a comfortable market share
  • Feeling the pressure from customers to cost reduction and delivery times
  • Losing out more because of some quality issues
  • Dissatisfied customers because of the delivery performance
  • Increasing overheads
  • The inventories occupy the plant and become uncontrollable
  • More break-down and engineers are attending to them daily
  • Profits are not growing despite the increase in volumes

What is the Cause?

SME – the type of industry that is facing the challenge to be smarter and flexible enough to be in business, in the world where the rate of change keeps accelerating, where the business needs to reinvent itself very often.

CSense - SME Consulting Support

The distinct roles played by an SME Owner – daily!

In contrast, in SMEs, the Top Management engages in taking the day-to-day decisions. This keeps the business owner completely occupied in daily routines and leaves very less space for futuristic thinking, strategising and business development activities.

The managerial issues keep pulling down the leader within an entrepreneur to the manager level. In turn, the daily tasks of firefighting, problem-solving and follow-ups (the task of the technician) pull the manager into the technician level.

Especially, the First-Generation companies – be it in manufacturing or in services – are facing this issue. These companies rode the tide of mass revolution of past one or two decades. And these companies are owner driven or owner dependent

The Solution?

Affordable SME Consulting Solutions

CSense supports SMEs to achieve a business system that is self-sustaining, which can protect itself against threats, which improves itself continuously in line with the market requirements, keeps learning and innovating.

We engage with SMEs in a more flexible, cost-effective, and cooperative model of Retainership. We involve in the key processes of business providing required insights to the people. Be it a sales or marketing process, KPIs, key HR aspects, process improvements, customer requirements, logistics and more.

The entire SME industry works in a more unpredictable environment. That why we always keep the time, our input man-days and deliverables as flexible as possible.

We enter into a long-term relationship with the SMEs, with yearly agreement on targets, contribution, and fees.

Why SME Consulting Support?

With more than a decade of experience with close to 100 different SMEs in India, we understand the needs and wants of SMEs. Because of the very nature of business and profit ratio, problems of SMEs are quite different from that of corporates. SME Consulting Support as a unique model suits the needs of SMEs in all aspects.

We know which methodology and tool will suit your business. We are not going to implement sophisticated tools, but we use them to improve your profit and profitability.


CSense - SME Consulting Model

Expected Outcomes


  • Substantial growth in business volume and profitability
  • Significant reduction in working capital
  • Improved quality & productivity
  • Reduced lead times
  • Self-managing business processes
  • Visual & transparent management systems
  • Improved morale of people

Simple Methodology that works for SME

  • Setting up strategy & growth plans
  • As is Process Mapping & Organisational Structure
  • Gap Analysis
  • Creating a continuous learning culture
  • Setting up Dash Boards

Click here to download a detailed presentation on CSense SME Consulting Support

Start-up Support

CSense is committed to supporting Start-Ups! We help you in forming Strategy, setting up business processes – service or manufacturing and provide network support. We understand the struggles of Start-ups, hence we do not charge any fee for the first year of your business. Contact us for further info.