Kaizen Workshop

CSense Kaizen Workshop


Culture Building Engagement

The Philosophy

Kaizen – meaning change towards betterment, in essence, gradual improvement.  The belief is that major improvements are possible through small and incremental changes. Unlike other improvement-events, these workshops are known for small and gradual changes leading to breakthrough results.

CSense Kaizen Workshop

The Culture

Developing an organisational culture based on 3 principles, viz.,

  • Process Approach: What is happening (effect) is the outcome of processes (cause),
  • System Thinking: Seeing the bigger picture and understanding everything as part of a system
  • No Blaming Attitude: People are deprived of responsibility if they are allowed blaming others.  Kaizen does encourage questions of “what is the problem?” and not of  “who is the problem?”

Workshop Deliverables

Theme Selection

We recommend clients to select a theme for focused improvement workshop. The theme could be based on current problems like productivity issues, yield losses, quality problems, machine problems etc. We will focus on 2 to 3 themes in a workshop.

Knowledge Transfer

3 – day intensive workshop for Managers and Executives on Kaizen Thinking will provide them 

  • Awareness on Kaizen and its importance
  • Understanding the way organisation works
  • Theoretical knowledge about Kaizen
  • Hands-on experience of Gemba observation and identification of Continual Improvement Opportunities

Workshop Content


  • What is Business?
  • Why are customers paying money?
  • Why keep customers happy?
  • What is Quality & Productivity?
  • What is velocity?

Overview of Business Improvement Initiatives

  • Manufacturing
  • Service / Transaction process
  • Evolution of Management Practices

What is Kaizen

  • The philosophy
  • The Culture
  • The Principle – 3 Mus
  • Value and Non-value – Definition
  • Elimination of Non-Value

Gemba Observations

  • Muda – Ohno’s 7 Wastes
    • Gemba Observations
    • Discussion
  • Mura
    • Gemba Observations
    • Discussion
  • Muri
    • Gemba Observations
    • Discussion

Project Management

  • Team Formation
  • Team Responsibilities
  • The Right Attitude
  • Project Charter

Kaizen Tools

  • QC tools
  • JIT & Flow Processing
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Poka Yoke
  • Change over time reduction
  • Action plan

Workshop Details

Course Duration

  • 3 Days – 24 hours


  • Compulsory In-House Workshop (Gemba)

Batch Size

  • Min 10 and Max 20 Participants per batch


We can customise the deliverables as per client’s requirements.

Additional Support

Continued coaching and hand-holding support could be provided by CSense after the workshop for successful project completion, as an optional engagement. We can also extend the support in other areas as well.