Six Sigma Pizza – Pie 27

Six Sigma Pizza - Pie 27

So far... We have started analysing the causes of the poor performance of Ben's Pizza outlet in our story. We translated the business pain - customers don't like the pizzas' into multiple Six Sigma projects. 'Temperature of pizza at the time of service' is one such project. In the previous chapter, we covered the use of FMEA for listing out all potential causes. We will see the application of Fishbone analysis in this chapter. Now Ben, Anand and myself had...

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Six Sigma Pizza – Pie 26

So far... We have started the Analyse Phase in the previous chapter and we saw the high-level roadmap. Analyse phase starts with the single question of 'why our process capability is low?'. Ask this question in a brainstorming session and list down all the causes. I assigned the team to work on listing down all the suspected causes that come to their mind through brainstorming sessions. Generating such a 'Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive' list of suspected causes is the...

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Six Sigma Pizza – Pie 9

Six Sigma Pizza - Pie 9

So far... In the journey of understanding the modus operandi of Six Sigma in business, we are discussing an imaginary company, the Homeparty Pizzas, run by my imaginary friend Ben. We discussed the problems of business - top line & bottom line problems, prioritisation of problem areas using Kano Model, application of #Pareto charts for problem analysis and scoping of projects using Project Charter. We discussed the components of project charter viz., objectives, business case and problem statement. Now.. We...

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Six Sigma Pizza – Pie 10

Six Sigma Pizza - Pie 10

So far... In the story of my imaginary friend Ben and his pizza outlet, we started applying Six Sigma methodology aimed at solving his problem of dwindling customer base and eroding margins. In our problem-solving journey, we understood little about making delicious pizzas but discussed the Define Phase, in depth. We covered the project selection - different routes of top line and bottom line problems, prioritising the customer requirements with affinity analysis and Kano model in case of top line...

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