Kaizen Response to COVID Challenge – Improve Productivity Rapidly!

Today's challenges The general market conditions are not conductive now. The industrial world has come to a standstill, and the future of the economy is unpredictable as of now. I am not sure whether the strategies for the VUCA world can come to our protection, as this pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges and troubles. Let us discuss how Kaizen can help to fight the COVID challenges. The manufacturing companies are facing typical challenges ahead. No one is sure about their...

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Lead Time

What is Lead Time? Lead time is the time required to complete the set of processes - from start to finish. There are 3 types of such measures in Business Process. Order LT The time required to complete the order - from order receipt to product/service delivery to the consumer. Processing LT The time required to convert the Raw Material into Finished Product (or Production LT) or The time required to convert input information into output information (Service Production LT)...

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Takt Time

Takt Time - Conductors Wand

What is Takt Time? Takt time is the time given by the client to the manufacturer to pull out one piece of finished material from the plant. In other words, it is the time (frequency) at which the manufacturing plant to complete one unit of its product. We can also describe it as the demanded exit rate of a plant. How to Calculate Takt time? Calculate monthly average demand for the product/product family (we can calculate takt time for a...

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Can ERP bring down inventory?

CSense SME Lean Case Study Can ERP bring down inventory? The Company When we visited the company first time, we were surprised to see an SME version of advanced ERP in that company. When we had our Gemba walk, we understood the pain and the trigger point for the decision to invest such a huge amount for ERP. Can ERP alone bring down the inventory levels? Let us discuss in this SME Lean Case Study. They are one of the...

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Systematic Problem-Solving

CSense Systematic Problem Solving

Systematic Problem-Solving What is Problem-solving? A Problem When there is a gap between our expectations and reality, we feel unhappy – which is a “Problem”. This is how a deviation from the specification, a failure to meet timelines, etc., become our problems. A problem could be defined as “the gap between our expectations and actual state or observation”. From the gap analogy, we also understand that as the gap increases, our suffering gets intensified. Problem-solving A fundamental part of every...

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