Profile of Director – LS Kannan

LS Kannan

LS Kannan Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Consultant, Trainer, Leadership Speaker & Coach ➢  LS Kannan collaborates closely with Entrepreneurs. He brings clarity to the vision, strengthens the connection between personal and professional goals, and helps to nurture the Leader within. ➢  Kannan works on Improving Profit, Profitability, Prosperity and Perpetuity of organisations by tapping the Indigenous Wisdom ➢  He delivers Keynote Speeches and conducts training programs for Leaders and Managers. ➢  He loves to help the workforce make their job...

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Can ERP bring down inventory?

CSense SME Lean Case Study Can ERP bring down inventory? The Company When we visited the company first time, we were surprised to see an SME version of advanced ERP in that company. When we had our Gemba walk, we understood the pain and the trigger point for the decision to invest such a huge amount for ERP. Can ERP alone bring down the inventory levels? Let us discuss in this SME Lean Case Study. They are one of the...

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