Lead Time

What is Lead Time? Lead time is the time required to complete the set of processes - from start to finish. There are 3 types of such measures in Business Process. Order LT The time required to complete the order - from order receipt to product/service delivery to the consumer. Processing LT The time required to convert the Raw Material into Finished Product (or Production LT) or The time required to convert input information into output information (Service Production LT)...

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Lean BPR

CSense : Lean BPR - Go Beyond VSM

Lean BPR Workshop Lean BPR Workshop is designed to cater the needs of Leaders, Managers and Decision Makers of Service Sector companies. This creative methodology enables participants to think beyond current constraints and encourages innovation and disruption among the organisation. What is BPR? Business Process Reengineering is the radical redesign of core processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity and associated cost of the process. Lean BPR is the methodology, CSense adapts to compensate shortcomings of the traditional approach of...

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Lean VSM Training

CSense - Lean VSM

Lean Training with Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Lean Training with VSM is designed for people who are interested in learning the Lean Transformation using VSM. Value Stream Mapping – the mapping of Material and Information Flow – as it is known in Toyota is the fundamental tool of Lean Transformation. It helps us in mapping flow of information and material in a single process map. Lean is a strategic tool that has to be adapted and applied by the Top...

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True Lean Green Belt Training

TPS - The Management system

TRUE-LEAN GREEN BELT Unleash the True Potential of Lean! What is True-Lean? Lean is more than just doing a project as in the case of Six Sigma. Six Sigma is an effective tool and no one can doubt its ability to deliver results and its guarantee to succeed with the efficient DMAIC framework. But Lean will not fit into the premise of Six Sigma and we strongly believe that Lean Manufacturing is best on its own. By utilising Lean in the framework...

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