Cash to Cash Cycle Time

What is Cash to Cash Cycle? Cash to cash cycle time is the time lapse between payment to suppliers and getting payment from the customers. Every business exists to provide a tangible or intangible product to the people in need and make money out of those provisions in the form of profit. A company has to invest money in the business. There are 2 types of investments - Asset Capital and Working Capital. When a company spends money on creating...

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What is Muda?

Muda Muda is a Japanese word meaning Waste. So, any activity that consumes time and effort and fails to produce the desired outcome is termed as Waste. In a production plant, people transport materials from one place to another for storage of for next processing. The activity of transporting consumes their time and effort. But the material does not get any value addition because of the mere transportation. Hence, transportation is termed as waste. Origin Muda is one of the fundamental...

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True Lean Green Belt Training

TPS - The Management system

TRUE-LEAN GREEN BELT Unleash the True Potential of Lean! What is True-Lean? Lean is more than just doing a project as in the case of Six Sigma. Six Sigma is an effective tool and no one can doubt its ability to deliver results and its guarantee to succeed with the efficient DMAIC framework. But Lean will not fit into the premise of Six Sigma and we strongly believe that Lean Manufacturing is best on its own. By utilising Lean in the framework...

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