Give a structure to your organisation!

The one reason I find predominant for the failure of SMEs becoming corporates is the structure of the organisation. An organisation in many ways resembles an organism. Our human body as an example of extremely complex organisation. Each of the organs has to perform to its fullest for a happier living. At the same time, each organ is expected to play only its intended purpose, We do not expect our hands to do the job of legs. In most of...

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Profile of Director – LS Kannan

LS Kannan

Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Consultant, Trainer, Leadership Speaker & Coach ➢  Working with Entrepreneurs - bringing clarity in the vision, strengthening the connection between personal and professional goals, helping to nurture the Leader within. ➢  Improving Profit, Profitability, Prosperity and Perpetuity of organisations by tapping the Indigenous Wisdom ➢  Delivering Keynote Speeches and conducting training programs for Leaders and Managers. ➢  Helping the workforce to make their job easier. ➢  Inspiring people to believe Wisdom isn’t Alien! Academic Credentials ➢...

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