Profile of Director – LS Kannan

LS Kannan

Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Consultant, Trainer, Leadership Speaker & Coach ➢  Working with Entrepreneurs - bringing clarity in the vision, strengthening the connection between personal and professional goals, helping to nurture the Leader within. ➢  Improving Profit, Profitability, Prosperity and Perpetuity of organisations by tapping the Indigenous Wisdom ➢  Delivering Keynote Speeches and conducting training programs for Leaders and Managers. ➢  Helping the workforce to make their job easier. ➢  Inspiring people to believe Wisdom isn’t Alien! Academic Credentials ➢...

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Will Increase in Volume give Higher Profits?

CSense SME Consulting Case Study Will Increase in Production Volume give Higher Profits? The Volume Game I received a call from my friend. I know him for few years and we were classmates during our MBA. He takes care of his family business which more than a generation old. They manufacture electrical insulation boards. I knew they have a decent business with a good reputation in the market and long term customers. But things were not rosy as previous years....

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