One-Day Seminar on Six Natural Stages of Business

Title: பிசினெசின் ஆறு லெவெல்... புரிஞ்சுக்கிட்டா வேற லெவெல் Excited to share with you all the incredible opportunity I had to conduct a power-packed one-day session at the esteemed Young Entrepreneur School, Tanjavur Chapter. Engaging with such a talented and enthusiastic group of young entrepreneurs eager to make their mark in the business world was an honour. Title: "Six Natural Stages of Business and Pertaining Strategic Focus" During the session, we delved into the fundamental building blocks of successful businesses and explored...

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Evening Seminar at Sivakasi on 5th Sep 23

YES Sivakasi Seminar by LS Kannan

தொழிலின் 6 Level... புரிஞ்சுக்கிட்டா வேற Level... I am thrilled to announce that we are gearing up for an incredible evening seminar on Exploring Various Business Levels and Their Strategic Focus in the vibrant city of Sivakasi! This seminar will provide valuable insights and fresh perspectives to ignite your business growth and success. During this engaging session, we will explore the various levels of the business lifecycle, starting with Startup, Rapid Growth Stage, Stagnation, Stabilisation, Consolidation, and finally, becoming world-class. The...

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Profile of Director – LS Kannan

LS Kannan

LS Kannan Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Consultant, Trainer, Leadership Speaker & Coach ➢  LS Kannan collaborates closely with Entrepreneurs. He brings clarity to the vision, strengthens the connection between personal and professional goals, and helps to nurture the Leader within. ➢  Kannan works on Improving Profit, Profitability, Prosperity and Perpetuity of organisations by tapping the Indigenous Wisdom ➢  He delivers Keynote Speeches and conducts training programs for Leaders and Managers. ➢  He loves to help the workforce make their job...

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Getting out of the maze

Getting out of the Maze How to choose the most suitable Operation Excellence Methodology? It is all about improvement! Have you ever wondered - People do not own their responsibilities. Your team do not meet the deadlines despite you doing your best The problems are recurring even after taking appropriate actions People are not satisfied despite a good increment Your process improvement initiatives fail so often How to find the right methodology that will work for your company? If so, this...

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Will Increase in Volume give Higher Profits?

CSense SME Consulting Case Study Will Increase in Production Volume give Higher Profits? The Volume Game I received a call from my friend. I know him for few years and we were classmates during our MBA. He takes care of his family business which more than a generation old. They manufacture electrical insulation boards. I knew they have a decent business with a good reputation in the market and long term customers. But things were not rosy as previous years....

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