Business Champions Program® (BCP)

Business Champions Program (BCP) Batch 10

BCP - Level 1 Online Consulting Sessions for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners 2 hours every week for the next ten months! What is Business Champions Program (BCP)? Have you realised your dream? You started this business with a long-standing dream of achieving something. However, many organisations find it difficult to cross their 10th anniversary - more than 50% never see their 6th. Sometimes, running an organisation becomes a heroic task. It becomes difficult to realise that we have...

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BCP Batch 2

Business Champions Program

What a day we had! We had formally concluded the Business Champions Program, Second Batch and initiated BCP 2.0 with all the Champions Support. So memorable, cherishable day with a lot of cross learning. Business Champions Program - an online interactive learning and consulting engagement for Small and Medium Business Owners - 'Future Corporates'. I fecilitate the program with 2 hours session every week with a continuous 52 week challenge. The program aims to deliver conceptual learning, application with the...

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