Champions Summit

It was a long dream seeded by Champions that had come true on the 16th of Feb 23.

We had a 2-day residential workshop, the Champions Summit, at Yercaud, participated by Champions of all batches of BCP from BCP1 to BCP5.

Covered the importance of budgeting and financial planning and worked out high-level financial planning for the upcoming year.

The program’s highlight is that we covered Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training for Entrepreneurs. I was stunned at their reception of the concepts and their commitment to readily implement them in their business. We played games like ‘A game called Business’ – a manufacturing simulation game where we can understand how small businesses get stuck with a lack of cash flow, and ‘5S number game’.

We had a campfire, where Champions displayed their varied talents with tons of fun.

It was a fantastic two days of learning, having fun and getting to know each other. I learned a lot from the session.

I sincerely thank all Business Champions, and I look forward to more such interactions.