BCP Batch 2

Business Champions Program

What a day we had!

We had formally concluded the Business Champions Program, Second Batch and initiated BCP 2.0 with all the Champions Support.

So memorable, cherishable day with a lot of cross learning.

Business Champions Program – an online interactive learning and consulting engagement for Small and Medium Business Owners – ‘Future Corporates’.

I fecilitate the program with 2 hours session every week with a continuous 52 week challenge. The program aims to deliver conceptual learning, application with the help of workbooks, clarity through discussions and feedback.

We started theBatch II on 15th Oct 2021, on the auspecious day of Vijaya Dhasami and continued 1 year. Every entreprenuer participated in the program have got tremendous learning, and saw their businesses grow in multiples inline with their learning and application.

I am really humbled at their dedication and interest and honoured to be part of their inspirational journey towards their Vision.

My sincere thanks to you BCP Family Members! Our journey will continue…