Lean Six Sigma Case Studies in Service Industries

Lean Six Sigma in Service

Lean Six Sigma can be implemented anywhere, wherever there is a business process and a problem. We use the methodology in engineering companies from a simple rack manufacturing company to a complex rocket engine manufacturing company; retail showrooms to back-office processes, computer manufacturers, food manufacturers, construction companies, banks and hospitals. I am sharing some sample project and the benefits we achieved by implementing Lean Six Sigma methodology in various Non-Manufacturing, Non-Engineering, Service Industries. Also listing down some Lean Six Sigma...

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Lean BPR

CSense : Lean BPR - Go Beyond VSM

Lean BPR Workshop Lean BPR Workshop is designed to cater the needs of Leaders, Managers and Decision Makers of Service Sector companies. This creative methodology enables participants to think beyond current constraints and encourages innovation and disruption among the organisation. What is BPR? Business Process Reengineering is the radical redesign of core processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity and associated cost of the process. Lean BPR is the methodology, CSense adapts to compensate shortcomings of the traditional approach of...

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