Communicate as a Leader

Communicate as a Leader

To be a leader, it is very important to understand and chose how to communicate. Many of us take too much time and energy to communicate but end up creating a wrong impression.

There are 4 levels of people based on how they communicate.


  • People those who talk about their worries most of the time.
  • They are not interested in listening but will transfer their pain.
  • Example – the news readers, gossipers.


  • People those who engage and entertain others.
  • Unlike the complainers, they understand the needs of the opponents and talk accordingly.
  • Nonetheless, they are not good listeners.
  • They just pass time by talking/pouring information.
  • They tend to keep the flow of information in one-way.
  • Example – talk-shows, co-passengers.


  • People those who really transfer meaningful information and thoughts and create the same feeling in others mind.
  • They listen and receive feedback from the listeners.
  • They will engage in a two-way information flow.


  • People those who can inspire others through their verbal and non-verbal communications.
  • They transfer the information along with a strong feeling or emotion.
  • They can elevate and alter the way others think and motivate them towards action.

Leadership Communication

By observing how people communicate, the level at which they respond, we can easily distinguish a Leader from a commoner.

People inadvertently choose the level where they operate by choosing how the communicate.