Know Your Personality and Grow Your Business – Hosur YES Chapter

It gave me an immense pleasure to address gathering of Young Entrepreneurs of Hosur, YES Chapter.

Felt confident in seeing entrepreneurs leading the social change and moving ahead with sufficient caution and protection. Yes, we gathered to meet and interact face to face. This is the fourth meeting after the Opening Up.

Enjoyed intense discussions on Leadership Productivity, Wheel of Business and Entrepreneur’s Personality traits.

Leadership Productivity

What are the roles of a Leader in an Organisation? What is the role he is expected to play? We discussed these points in details.

We also deliberated on the different definitions of business.

Business is a way to making more and more money forever and investing it towards serving more people!

Business is finding out what you can sell among what you love, and make more of it with people who love making it.

Wheel of Business

How many departments a small business must-have? How to create a completely self-sustaining organisation? Why small businesses face stagnation over a period of time?

We discussed the Wheel of Business – covering 7 core functions a business must-have. Discussed the Online Self Assessment of Organisation using CSense Wheel of Business Assessment.

Entrepreneur’s Personality

Why do some small businesses excel in marketing, branding, and reaching out to people, while most other small businesses struggle to do so?

Why many small businesses struggle to get things done from their managers?

We discussed how an entrepreneur’s personality traits affect the way he takes decisions, the way he becomes polarised towards certain functions of the organisation while ignoring others.

We also discussed the 4 personality types – Lion, Jaguar, Lioness and Tiger. Assessment of predominant quadrant –

My sincere thanks to YES and Hosur Chapter.