Joyous Entrepreneur – A Book Every Entrepreneur Must Read!

Joyous Entrepreneur

Do you feel your organisation is not matching your speed?
Do you see your people always falling short of their targets?
Did you ever wonder why the customers never understand your novel ideas?

This book is for you.

Entrepreneurship is a penance!

An entrepreneur is like an oyster. He conceives a dream and goes into the depth of his thoughts, disconnecting himself from the normalcy. His days and thoughts are filled with a singular mission of realising the dream. He starts and grows an organisation with all that he has and protecting it from all the predating external forces.

He deserves the priceless pearl – the organisation that propels itself in a prosperous direction, fuels itself with new thoughts, new strategies and plans, nourishes itself with right talents and resources and attains prosperity – simply a Joyous Organisation.

The joy in the journey is also equally important as the destination. After staking all the energy to create an organisation, an entrepreneur does not have an excuse; he has to succeed. The penance of entrepreneurship is a hard and long battle. It has the potential to tear an entrepreneur’s life into pieces.

The only way for an entrepreneur to make his life meaningful is to make the entrepreneurship journey as a joyous one. Working on the activities that energise and make him fulfilling is the way to make the journey a joyful.

There is a way to find joy amid the journey. There is a secret of making the people work on their own.

This book will help entrepreneurs to find out what they are good at, the most happier roles he/she can play and to build a high-energy organisation using the different personality types.

This book introduces a new and simple personality classification of entrepreneurs and helps to find their personality type – or the Joyous Quadrant. It elaborates the Four Personality Types, based on what one wants to do how he connects with others.

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Joyous Entrepreneur Book