Six Sigma Green Belt for Graduating MBAs and Engineers

Six Sigma Green Belt for Students

Is the Six Sigma Green Belt going to help MBA or Engineering Students? Let us see how it can help to enhance their employability and fetch them a good salary in reputed companies.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

  • Powerful business transformation tool 
  • Used all over the world across every industrial sector for the past 2 decades
  • Becoming a must-be in many companies in developed countries and in MNCs in India
  • It is gaining momentum among many Indian corporate houses in the past decade.
  • Automobile, Electronics and Banking have already ventured into LSS – improving the quality of our lives.
  • Telecom, medicine, engineering, BPO and more are joining the band creating a huge demand for qualified people.

What are the Benefits?

  • Bottom line cost savings (5%-20% of turnover per annum)
  • Improved quality of product or service as perceived by the customer (internal and external customers)
  • Reduction in process cycle times
  • Development of staff skills
  • A common language throughout the organisation
  • World-class standard
  • Creates a competitive edge
  • Improve ROI
  • Drive sales growth

Companies Applying Lean and Six Sigma

  • General Electric
    • Most admired company in implementing Six Sigma,
    • Consistently increasing growth and profit •Cost saving exceeding $2 billion,
  • Allied Signal (exceeding $1 Billion since 1995)
  • US ARMY reaching $2 billion savings through Lean Six Sigma
  • Toyota – The pioneer of Lean is now the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and earning the highest profits and saving millions and millions of dollars every year.
  • Automobile companies like Honda, Nissan
  • Aviation companies like Boeing, P&W,
  • Electronic companies like Dell, Sony, LG, Samsung,
  • IT companies like Wipro very few examples of companies that are reaping multi-million dollar benefits with Lean.

What is Green Belt?

Why for Graduating Engineers & Managers?

  • It helps them to differentiate from more than one Million competitors,
  • Adds significant weightage to their resume,
  • Supports them to kick start their career with Industry Relevant Certification
  • Doubles their starting salary, and
  • Helps them start their career with reputed companies & MNCs

Based on an independent survey,

An Engineers or a Manager spends 7 years at junior levels before moving into middle / senior management level. The First 3 years of his / her career is spent without understanding what their business is.

This course will help to accelerate career progression.

What are the benefits for the institution?

  • Enhance your students’ employability and, in turn, the placement rate
  • Bring in MNCs &  Reputed Corporatesto Campus
  • Get your Reputation & Market rating increased year on year.

Why CSense?

  • Industry-relevant contents
  • Industry examples and case studies
  • Interactive sessions with discussions, audiovisuals, team quiz, etc.
  • Unique Learning by Playing  (with simulation games) & Learning by Teaching methods
  • Introduction to Management Systems
  • Exposure to software packages like Minitab, JMP, Data analysis support using MS Excel.
  • Post-course project support

Proof? Try yourself

  • Go to an online Portal…
  • Search Job for Fresh Engineers / Managers (0 yrs experience) And
  • Search for Fresh Engineers / Managers with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
    • Notice starting salary getting increased (by 100%)
    • See names of new corporates appearing to
    • See the Positions and various new jobs

CSense Green Belt Certification

We conduct continuous assessments for participants during the training sessions, written or online tests after the course. Participants scoring more than 70% score in the exam become eligible for CSense Certification.

  • Certification Criteria: 100% attendance, participation in activities and 75% Score in written test
  • We certify every participant qualifying the requirements of the course with a unique Certification Identification Number (CIN).
  • In addition to the certification, we also provide a Certification Soft-Badge to qualifying participant with CIN.
  • Hence, with the help of CIN, anyone can trace the participant’s name, certification course details, duration, dates of training undergone, etc.
  • Visit Certification Authentication here.

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