Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Refresh your memory and learn something new from CSense LSS Yellow Belt Training.

I am planning to conduct a series of courses completely free for everyone. To start with we will work on Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt program.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is the most effective methodology used across the world by companies of all sectors and is providing millions and millions of dollars as cost-saving and a multi-fold increase in business growth.

Who are Yellow Belts?

Six Sigma defines the roles of people in the organisation based on the training, experience and expertise over the tools and techniques. It defined the roles based on the levels or belts.

CSense Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training - Free Online Session

Yellow belts are the beginners in Six Sigma structure. They are expected to have a basic understanding of business processes, quality of products and processes, need for efficiency and quality and know-how and importance of Data Collections to support Green and Black belt improvement projects.

Take away

In this workshop, participant will gain in depth understanding of business process, quality and quality improvement, productivity, data analysis and decision making, structured approach to profit improvement and problem solving (DMAIC), application of statistical tools to industries, and many improvement tools.

The interesting aspect here is that as participants, you can bring your problem and we will find out how to solve it. We will use the tools and techniques we which are part of the program. This approach will provide the practical experience of applying Lean Six Sigma for solving problems.

So, what are we going to discuss?

Course Contents

We will cover the universally accepted contents of LSS YB.

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

  • What is Lean Six Sigma?
  • Evolution of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Why Lean Six Sigma is so effective?

Structure of Lean Six Sigma

7 Wastes of Lean

  • Taiichi Ohno‘s Check List of Waste.
  • How can you identify waste in your own process?

DMAIC – Over View


  • What is your problem?
  • Understanding of problem
  • Voice of Customer – Critical to Quality
  • Process Maps & SIPOC
  • Project Charter


  • How to measure your problem?
  • Data & Data Collection Tools
  • Operational Definition
  • What is process capability?


  • Why your process capability is poor?
  • Root Cause Analysis


  • Generate Solutions
  • Proof of solutions Various
  • Lean Six Sigma Solutions
  • Action Plan
  • Verification & Scale up


  • How to sustain gains?
  • Control plan Control charts Documentation

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – Online Training

August 8 @ 10:30 am – August 9 @ 1:30 pm


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