Less is more – In Communication as well

Single Minute Exchange of Thoughts

What is SMED?

What is SMET?

In order to understand this, we need to know SMED.

SMED or the Single Minute Exchange of Dies is a concept developed in Toyota Motors in Japan. People tried to reduce the time lapsed during the changeover activities of die punching machines from several hours to Single Minute.

They successfully demonstrated that changeovers could be done within 9 minutes. Hence, it is also termed as Singe-Digit Minute Exchange of Dies.

What is SMET?

I am trying to apply the same concept to communicating within a single minute or within a single-digit minute (within 9 minutes) – Single Minute Exchange of Thoughts (SMET).

We can save a lot of time of ours and others by making our communication accurate and precise. This needs just a minute of preparation.

  • At least one-third of our communications could actually be made in Single Minute. Can you believe? Just try yourself. 
  • More than half of all our communications could happen within 9 minutes.
  • Very few communications need more than 9 minutes of discussion at a stretch.