Getting out of the Maze

How to choose the most suitable Operation Excellence Methodology?

Getting Out of the Maze

It is all about improvement!

Have you ever wondered –

  • People do not own their responsibilities.
  • Your team do not meet the deadlines despite you doing your best
  • The problems are recurring even after taking appropriate actions
  • People are not satisfied despite a good increment
  • Your process improvement initiatives fail so often
  • How to find the right methodology that will work for your company?

If so, this is the right book for you. We discuss the secrets to answer the above questions in this handbook. This attempts to help the organisational leaders and SME owners get out of the Maze of Operational Excellence and Process Improvement Methodologies. It will help you understand each methodology’s ‘intent’ and help you figure out the most suitable one.

Learn why and where people devised these modern management methodologies and then devise your own style.

Unlike typical management books, this book deals with the right mix of history, concurrent practices and twist and turns like a story.

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We discuss the unique Methodology Matrix to find the suitability of the methodology based on your organisation’s processes, products, people level and management involvement, etc.

Unless we understand the principles of the Cash to Cash Cycle, our Lean initiatives will not succeed. Similarly, understanding the Principles of Six Sigma and Problem Solving with the Kaizen Approach will help build a robust problem-solving mindset.

We are unearthing the secret of keeping the continuous improvements alive with more and more suggestions from the people in the Secret of Continuous Improvement chapter.

Your perspective of business improvements, management methodologies, improvement tools and technique will not remain same right from the first reading.

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