Online Consulting

Business Champions Program

For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

2 Hours every week for next 1 year!

Have you realised your dream?

You started this business with a long-standing dream of achieving something.

However, many organisations find it difficult to cross their 10th anniversary – more than 50% never see their 6th.

Sometimes, just running an organisation becomes a heroic task. In reality, it becomes so difficult to realise that we had a dream.

We have lost a cheering, charming and courageous Leader – within us.

Come, let us rediscover the Leader within every business owner – who is longing to reach unreachable stars. The Leader within you will take the organisation to new heights, make it prosperous and perpetual.

Who Should Attend this online consulting program?

This program is specifically designed exclusively for Entrepreneurs and Decision-makers in small businesses organisation/family business.

And not for Managers or Start-ups!


This online consulting program will be more beneficial for Entrepreneurs, who

  • Are running their business for at least 3 years
  • Has a team of 7+ people
  • Clocks an Annual TO of 50 lac and above
  • Determined to grow his/her business
  • Can invest his time learning and upgrading himself/herself
  • Willing to collaborate with team members.
  • Committed to TAKE ACTION after learning.
  • Willing to keep video on during the Zoom Sessions.


  • Connect with your purpose and find a balance between business and personal accomplishments
  • Find your Joy in what you do – Know your leadership style and learn to play within your strength
  • Get your organisation Organised – Understand the key pillars.
  • Redefine the business model and become a customer-centric organisation
  • Identify the right people to form the right team
  • Devise winning strategies that work for your organisation
  • Get actionable Long Term and Short-Term plans

Online Consulting – Course Outline

  1. Giving Shape to your Dreams
  2. Finding Joy in Business
  3. Organising the Organisation
  4. Natural Stages of Business
  5. Reinventing Business Model
  6. Strategies & Execution Hand- Holding
  7. Business Plan
  8. Marketing
  9. Customer Need Fulfilment (Product & Process Development)
  10. People Development
  11. Art of Selling
  12. Next Orbit

Program Plan

Online Session

Every Friday, 2 hours of Online Interactive Learning session over Zoom.

For next 1 year (52 Weeks).

Off-line Support

Assessments and Web Tools and Workout Tools.

Small Group Bootcamps

  • Group Learning & Bootcamps
  • Maximum 15 entrepreneurs in a Batch
  • Will be from non-competing businesses (only one member from one industry to keep away ‘competition’)
  • Small-Group Bootcamps with 3 members will be formed for cross-learning based on mutual interests.

Are you Ready to Take Charge?

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  • Limited to a maximum of 15 Entrepreneurs in a Batch!
  • Only one participant in an industry category – to avoid competition mindset.

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Consulting Charges

INR 7000/- Plus GST @18% per month.

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