Business Champions Program

CSense Business Champions Program - Objective

Revolutionary Online & In-person Hybrid Consulting தமிழில் Objectives of Learning 1. Giving shape to the dreams PurposePrioritiesVisionLong Term Goals1 year Target 2. Finding Joy in Business JoyQCompany behaviourWeak spots and countermeasuresPriorities and balancing work-life 3. Organising the Organisation 7 Pillars & Wheel of BusinessOrganisation StructureKRAs and KPIsProcesses and Procedures  4. Natural stages of business Identify your current stagePitfalls and precautionsRight priorities  5. Reinventing business model Redefine Business and Business ModelCustomer Centric Business ModelBusiness Model CanvasIdentify customer SegmentDefine Value PropositionPrioritisation & FocusBusiness Environment Analysis10 Strategic FactorsSWOT...

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